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The Voice of Dex: Part Deux

The steroids are beyond insidious. Def the scariest, most-out-of-control part of this chemical andventure. Amped-up NFL players running around off the field without a clue that they’re wildly aggro, clocking their S.O.’s, wrecking cars and busting up bars…. I GET IT.

I’m not a 285 lb. guy and am not paid to destroy or cripple other people. Physically, anyway. I am making real progress on verbal destruction, however.

Here’s an email that I sent to my daughter a few weeks ago. Fueled by dex one day, solu-medrol the next. I had everything going but the foam oozing out from the sides of my mouth.

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Greeting the Cancer Patient: Top Three Things to Avoid

Yesterday, my dear friend Anne and I fell into the topic of what to say when you see an acquaintance or friend who has cancer. This matter requires some common sense and a dose of sensitivity. If you are lucky enough to never have been told, “You have cancer,” you will (happily) be unable to fully get the nuances of the situation.

It seems clear that the patient’s personality and temperament should drive the salutation decision, as well the how close you are with the patient.

This is not a tip. It’s a statement of fact.

Here, then, are the tips, in no universally significant order. (Note: I’m a woman, so I use the pronoun “her.” Guys, you know how to render this quirk of English grammar so it’s gender appropriate.)

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