Monthly Archives: September 2014


Every week I take a big handful of dexamethasone pills. It’s a multi-talented steroid that is assigned to work against my unhealthy B-lymphocytes. Being a good team player, it also offsets the side effects of the chemo agent, Velcade.  I take the dex pills and get the chemo injection on Tuesdays. This is the fun and easy part of  my treatment; no scary reactions to the antibody therapy nor long hours tied to the IV pole  at the infusion center.

Before this part of the treatment got started, my docs – wonderfully straightforward and no b.s. — came right out and said, “Better warn your husband and friends that you may be more feisty, aggressive and easier to anger than usual.” OK. I’m pretty outspoken in normal circumstances…maybe getting more so, as a perk of growing up and being less concerned about pleasing everyone around me. “Dex” was going to be my conversational muse – inspiring and then letting me unleash a torrent of wicked comments, giving me an excuse for saying things that I would otherwise keep to myself. Continue reading THE VOICE OF DEX